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Phase one

Learn how to edit in Adobe Premiere without being overwhelmed by all the in-depth features that you'll never need to know. Get an overview of how to edit and how the software works so that you can deep dive into specific topics more quickly. 

Phase two

Jump from beginner to Expert as quickly as possible by learning simple tricks and rules of editing. We will teach you more in depth on Greenscreen, Multi-can, Speed Ramping, Color Grading and Much more. 

Phase three

Learn what it takes to become a true Pro as quickly as possible. I launch a new business from scratch to show you the biggest hurdles and how I overcome them. Business is just another creative skill. 

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Course Overview:


This course is designed to take you from knowing NOTHING about video editing to being an EXPERT as Quickly as Possible!

This course will cover this process in 3 Phases: 

Phase 1: Go from knowing Nothing about video editing to having a solid understanding. 

Phase 2: Jump from a beginner to an Expert by learning in-depth rule and tricks. 

Phase 3: Watch how I go from Expert to true Pro in a few days. 


Phase 1: Knowing Nothing, to Becoming an Editor

It's important to learn video editing with Phase 1 first. In this Phase, we will go over the layout of Adobe Premiere and how everything works together. In fact, within your first lecture, you'll know how to import footage, edit a basic commercial, and export it. The final video of Phase 1 will take you more in-depth through each menu item in Premiere. At that point, you'll be ready for phase 2 of this course.


Phase 2: Beginner to Expert

In Phase 2, the goal is to go from a beginning video editor to an expert as quickly as possible. So, in this course, I'll teach you all the things that I'd expect an expert video editor to know how to do. Here are a few of the things you'll be learning in this section: 

  • The 3 Main Editing Workflows in Premiere

  • Learn how to Edit Faster in Premiere

  • Master Keyframes

  • The 6 Main Cuts and Transitions in Video Editing

  • The Secrets of Eye Tracking

  • Where, When, and Why to Cut

  • Master Greenscreen Editing

  • Slow Motion and Speed Ramping in Premiere

  • Pacing and Song Selection

  • Master Color Correction

  • Learn Color Grading in Premiere

  • Learn Multicam Video Editing

  • Learn Mixing and Sound Design in Premiere

  • Create Animated Video Titles in Premiere

  • Learn to Stabilize Shaky Video Footage

At that point, you'll be ready for Phase 3 of this course.


Phase 3: Expert to Pro

In Phase 3, I'll show you what I think the 5 main hurdles are to being a freelance video editor and what I would do to overcome each of those hurdles quickly. I built a brand new company from scratch just to show you what steps I'd take. 

  • Choosing a Niche in Video Editing

  • Creating an Editing Reel

  • Finding Clients

  • How Clients Find Me

  • Building Trust with Clients

  • Freelance Editing Pricing


By the end of this course, you'll know everything that I would expect an expert video editor to know how to do in Adobe Premiere.


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The Tools You Need To Learn Video Editing and grow your business

We Live in a world where Information is easily available. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a college course to learn something in a 4-month span that does not guarantee you results. You have unlimited information at the ready. So, why do we still struggle to learn?

Here are some of the reasons this might be happening... You might have content overload, you may not know where to start. You may get distracted by other things while your trying to learn that may be on the sidebar. And maybe you are being told it's going to take you 10,000 hours and tons of energy and that just doesn't motivate you to start?

That is the reason we came out with this course in the first place. to take away the need to ask the question, where do I start? To make It easier to stay focused because there are no ads or clickbait that make you want to click off, and the guarantee that this should no take you 10,000 hours to become an expert.

We took the time to learn this skill that we have used to make over $100k/year in our business. And Want to inspire you to grow and create the end results of your dreams. Our goal is to teach you everything you need to know in the quickest and easiest way possible.

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