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  • Choose Where you Want to Work
  • When you want to work
  • How Much You Want to Work 
  • Without figuring it out on your own
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12 Week Guide

Why take the risk of starting a company on your own when you could follow our proven model that's guaranteed to get you results.

For the next 12 weeks we will show you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. So that you will have the certainty of knowing that you're not missing any crucial steps in the process.


Phases 1 to 4

Phase 1: Go from knowing nothing about video editing to creating your first commercial.

Phase 2: Jump from Beginner to Expert as quickly as possible.

Phase 3: Learn the business side to become a true Pro.

Phase 4: Become the Best in your Niche to get the top caliber of clients.


Business Mindsets

What stops most people from becoming successful?

I believe that the wrong mindsets have a huge impact because they subconsciously stop you from receiving what others might not think you deserve.

The solution is to know your real value & worthiness and it's not based on performance.


The EASIEST Business

Most online businesses are either too hard for the average person to launch or pay too little to be worth it. .

However, there are still many businesses that are easy for the average person to start, that pay a good wage. Out of all of them, Video Editing is the easiest one that I know of to start.

In my opinion it's easier to become a freelance video editor than it is to get a job.

Where will you be in 5 Years?  


Please don't get stuck going from job to job.
Become a Freelance Video Editor. Its worth it.

What To Expect:


This 12 Week Program is designed to take you from knowing NOTHING about video editing to becoming an EXPERT to becoming a True Professional as Quickly as Possible!


What you will learn in these 4 Phases:

Phase 1: Go from knowing Nothing about video editing to having a solid understanding. 

Phase 2: Jump from a beginner to an Expert as quickly as possible by learning the tricks and rules of editing while you're learning the in-depth skills an expert should know how to do.

Phase 3: Go from Expert to a True Pro by launching your freelance video editing company. Don't worry, we will show you how to do it, what steps to take, when to take them, and how to take them.

Phase 4: Become the best in your niche. I'll show you the top things I've learned to set myself apart as a freelance video editor.

Weeks 1-4

Go from knowing nothing about editing, to being able to confidently edit for clients. Also, setup the basics of your business and get your first paying clients.

Weeks 5-8

Scale up your company, increase your hourly rate, & get great reviews from your clients.

At this point you'll be able to update your reel with the type of work you'd prefer to become the best in the world at.

Go more in-depth with Phase 2 skills to jump from beginner to expert status. Also, fill up your calendar with as much work as you want.

Weeks 9-12

Jump into Phase 4 and set yourself apart from the rest of your industry.Have your dream reel, reach out to your dream clients, and double your rates again.

Replace any cheap clients with your ideal clients. Celebrate that you've just created a successful company that allows you to earn what you want, from where you want, when you want, as much as you want.


Be able to invest 2 hours/day for 12 weeks. Push past fear and allow yourself to be successful. Be at least 13 years old. Have a basic editing computer. Get a copy of Adobe Premiere.

Most Importantly: Allow yourself to have true passion for editing and commit to becoming successful.

Enroll Now $450

Is It Worth It?

Here are some questions to help you answer for yourself:

  • Would earning $30/hr be a step forward or backwards for you financially?
  • Would it benefit you to be able to work from anywhere in the world?
  • Would it be beneficial to choose how often you work each month?
  • Would it beneficial to control your own hours?
  •  What would you pay to receive those results? Is that number great than $450?
  • In several years will you be thankful that you made this decision?


Mike & Ash




Who is Mike & Ash?

Hey, my name is Michael Long. My wife Ash & I are entrepreneurs and love creating together. Ash loves to travel so we've spent the last few years traveling around the world and creating different types of companies... up until the pandemic. 

My biggest passion is helping other people discover their passions and then seeing how easy it is to make it a reality. So often I find that people have dreams they assume are out of reach but the reality is that they are often missing just one step or the confidence to do it.

So, our mission now is to teach others what I consider to be the "essential skills" of the digital world. Video Editing happens to be a main skill. Not only can you earn a great income providing this skill as a freelance video editor but it will help you in so many other endeavors.

I personally have been editing for about 15 years. I've edited hundreds of films for many incredible clients. I've worked on many types of projects from Television Shows to Music Videos to Commercials. The minimum I charge for video editing is $50/hr and even though I'm not currently advertising my service I receive many more requests than I can accept because I've built up so much trust with my past clients.

I would love to see you step into your passion and dreams. Instead of working for someone else and building their company I encourage you to learn the skills to build your own companies. I know that you can do it.

- Mike & Ash

100% Money Back Guarantee


We have built this 12 Week Program around a model that gets the same repeatable results every time.

We believe this so strongly that if you watch the videos and do the activities each week and do not have a successful company in 12 weeks, then we will fully refund you the $450.

The purpose of this 12 Week Program is to help you launch your company with No Risk.


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